October 04
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Day 2

There are lots of wires and tubes.

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Day 4

I am breathing easier and the chest tube came out (actually I pulled it out, but the doctors agreed it could stay out).

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Now Mom and Dad can hold me.

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This is fuzzy!

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Wait, come back. I liked Fuzzy.

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Day 5 - October 13th

I latched on to Mom for her birthday. I can't eat this way yet but I am practicing so I can do it soon.

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Day 6

They took me out of the bubble house and I have a regular crib now.

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Day 7 - I'm a week old today!

Mom and me. Look! No feeding tube. I ate from a bottle today. If I keep it up they will let me go home next week!

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I slept through my feeding but now I'm awake.

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Wait, you have to help me bust out of this place.

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October 17

Sleep is easier now, I have no more tubes! They say if I can eat all my meals, they will let me go home this week.

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Daddy, are you still taking pictures? Can't you see I am trying to sleep?

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I like it when I'm being held, especially by my godmother, Leslie.

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It's hard to tell when I'm wrapped up in blankets, but I'm still really small.

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October 18th - Mom and Dad's anniversary. I decided to give them a present and went home with them today!

Dad changing me while Matt takes my picture. I think these cameras will be a part of my life for a while.

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October 21 - Mom and dad wake me up every 2-3 hours to eat. I don't like it, but I wouldn't eat otherwise. I think it is stressing them out.

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October 22 - I just had my first doctor's appointment. I am doing very well. I now weigh 5 lb. 2 oz. and measure 19 inches. That is 4 oz in a week and 2 inches since birth. Mom and dad are very happy.

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10/24 - You can see that I am happy to be home. Mom and Dad are treating me very well. I'm looking good.

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My cord stump fell off so today I got my first bath.

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October 28 - I now weigh 5 lb. 10 oz.

October 29 - Today I am three weeks old. I'm growing! Today's big event was my first full meal at the breast. Mom and Dad were so happy, that I did it twice more to show off.

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October 31

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Mom and Dad made me butterfly wings for Halloween when I was in the NICU.

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