Aug 06
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We are back from our trip around New England. Boy was it great. I loved visiting everyone and getting to hang out with so many wonderful people.

Ada and Anton

Joanne and David's house in NH


At Elizabeth and Bob's in MA

Dad and Alanna


At the Case's

Jeff cooked us dinner at his new house.

We did a lot in just a little time at Bernie and Ginny's.



Then Lambertville.

Home again, playing with mom and dad.


We went to the zoo with Beth, Evan and Noah.



There have been a lot of animals the past week. We went to two 4-H Fairs and the zoo.


I even rode a horse.


I didn't want to ride a horse again. But I rode a bunny and a giraffe instead.


We went to a Tomato Tasting; over 70 types of tomato. But, I liked the apples and grapes the best.