April 06
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New Purim pictures from Robin R.

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We went to Williamsburg for a family gathering. It was wonderful to see everyone.

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Click here to view a video of me playing in the car. Now you know why Mom calls me destructobaby.

April 8th - I'm 18 months old! I weigh 27 pounds and am 33 inches tall. Both almost 90th percentile. Doc says that at 18 months, girls are half their adult height. So I will be about 5' 6". Mom is glad I won't be vertically challenged.

April 9th - I went out partying to celebrate my 18th birthday. I wore my dancing shoes and partied all night.

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We visited David and Vicki. It was good to see them.

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Getting some exercise in the park.

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The 4 questions in 5 part harmony.

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Easter Brunch

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I knew the way home.

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