December 05
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Thanksgiving pictures from Neil.

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And some from David.

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December 4 - Holiday Parade

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December 9th, Snow in New Jersey.

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Paisley and Molly

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Shoe mittens

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December 10th, Holiday Party and Beth and Matt's. I love when the family is together!

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December 12 - Daddy, what does "Child Proof Cap" mean?

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December 18 - No, I didn't get into a fight, I have an ear and eye infection.

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December 20 - It got worse before it got better.

"Hey dad, how about some red-eye reduction over here!"

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December 22 - On the mend.

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December 26 - I'm now a toddler. I have been taking steps for a few days. But today I was moving around on my own two feet. Dad got a video of me. It was late in the day and I wasn't at my best, but he says he will take what he can get.

Click here for video.

This one is for me!

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December 28 - Menorah lighting at Shul.

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