March 05
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March 1

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March 2

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March 3rd - Mom is starting to get into the act of taking pictures, too. I'm very cute.

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Donna and Warren have a new son, Hudson. Congratulations!!!

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March 6

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March 7 - 15

We went to Arizona to visit my grandparents - here are pictures from the trip.

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Mom, can I pet the nice javelina?

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Having lunch at Enchantment, not that I got anything different.

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Me and Grandpa napping together.

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Grandma sure knows how to play!

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It's warm here and I got to play without all my winter clothes on. I like it!

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Shopping in Jerome.

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Saying goodbye. I'll miss you.

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March 24 - Visiting David and Vicki.

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March 28 - Getting ready to eat solid food for the first time. I'm hungry!

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Ok, enough of that, give me the bottle.

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With the power of rice coursing through me, I rolled over for the first time today.

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March 29th - Dad's turn to try.

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March 31st - I'm getting the hang of this, it's fun!

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