February 05
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February 8 - The first 4 months went quite fast!

Dad has been busy, so here are a few pictures from the last week.

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February 11 - Doctor's visit today! Would you believe that I now weigh 13 lb 6 oz.! That is 50th percentile, unadjusted for being early. And I am now 25 inches long, which is 75th percentile. Imagine that!!

paisley 003.jpg (466841 bytes)

February 24 - Since Dad has been away a lot, Mom took some of these pictures!

paisley 027.jpg (324278 bytes) paisley 042.jpg (424380 bytes) 

There goes Mom, having my crib friends maul me again!  She thinks it's cute. But see, I have to fend off their attacks.  Lilah Lamb only looks sweet!   [Lapin du Mort awaits its turn...]

paisley 062.jpg (465270 bytes) paisley 058.jpg (465555 bytes)