October 05
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It's October. Happy New Year to everyone!

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October 8th - I'm one year old today.

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October 9 - My first birthday party. I was so happy everyone came to see me. Not digging the hat though.

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October 14th - Dad! I want to go for a walk.

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We went to the doctor today for my one-year checkup. Everything is grand. I weigh 21 lb. 6 oz. and am 30.75 inches tall.

Mom and Dad got me these nifty new shoes. I think I'll keep them on for a little while.

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I'm not always cute and charming.

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But I try to be.

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October 21 - My grandma made me this sweater. I'm going to be warm all winter.

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October 27 - At the Howell Living Farm.


Let's go that way.

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October 29 - We went to visit my Cousin Jackson for the weekend. It sure was fun!

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Then we went to the science museum.

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Jackson teaching me the states.

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He uses his napkin.

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And, he can even use TWO chopsticks. I was impressed.

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