July 05
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July 1 - I met Cousin Fran last week, but dad wanted to start another page.

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Barbara watched me for a few hours while Mom and Dad went out for dinner. It made us all happy.

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I'm getting this moving thing down. Mom and Dad are not so thrilled. They keep moving things up, out of my reach.

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I added a new wrinkle in their plans. My reach just got a lot higher.

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July 10 - I turned 9 months old this week.

It's been a busy week. Matt, Casey, Quinn and Nolan came out from California. We did some fun stuff together like going to the Great Swamp and Jockey Hollow near Morristown. Then Grandma and Grandpa came from Arizona. Then people really started to show up, Neil and Andrea brought my Cousin Jackson up from North Carolina. I didn't realize that I had a first cousin. He was way cool to hang out with! Then even more people showed up. As always, I was very happy to see everyone. They spent all day yesterday at our house and
did something called a Baby Naming Ceremony. Turned out, I was the star...Imagine that! It was lots of fun. I am now named after my great-grandmother, Ruth, and have her Hebrew name as mine, Rachel. We spent the whole day eating and playing. My two favorite things. Too bad the weekend had to end. I'll miss everyone and hope they will visit again soon.

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July 12 - Went for my 9 month checkup today. I weigh 18.35 lbs. and am 28.5 inches long. That is 50% and 75% percentile respectively.

July 15 - Standing is getting easier.

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Grandma feeding me is always fun!

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July 22 - Mom and Dad took me out for Korean food. I couldn't eat much, Dad said it was too spicy, but what I had was good. What's the big deal with chopstick, I think it's easy. Oh, chopstick*s*, I'll try two another time.

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July 23 - We went swimming at Aunt Liz's. I had a great time; I even learned to hold my breath underwater.

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July 24 - Shopping for Flea's

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July 27 - At Simon Pearce in Vermont.

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At Saint-Gaudens

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Back at the ranch, playing with dad and Ada

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July 29 - Waving hello from Suffield

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Below is a video of Paisley